Hi, I'm Scott Capelin. In the past twelve years, I've started, built and sold twelve successful businesses.

I guess you could say I know a thing or two about pushing myself to achieve what I want in life, personally and professionally.

But that's not how I started my entrepreneurial journey.

Like many people, I found myself in a corporate career that felt like it owned me for a few years after university. I traded hours of my life for dollars—in a large international organization that gave me minuscule raises at performance review time and told me when I could and couldn't take time off to enjoy my life.


So I made a big change...

Because I'd always loved health and fitness, I became a personal trainer. For six years, I worked with clients, taught group classes, and managed studios. That led to a franchise opportunity.

Within four years I'd opened a total of five franchise locations. Additionally, I won Franchise Of The Year, MVP of our company's network, and went on to win awards for having the most employees go on to become successful franchise owners as well.

I was elevated to the national Franchise Advisory Board where for twelve years, I advocated for franchise business owners. I also specialized in helping grow and develop talent in up and coming entrepreneurs.

I leveraged my success into other ventures:

In 2008, I opened a beauty salon which went on to win Salon of the Year in 2011 and 2013.

My wife, Lauren, and I also created a range of beauty products in partnership with a good friend of ours. The products are sold in 600 salons throughout the country. 

My business resume includes: Tan Temple, Beach St, Embody Australia, Embody Amsterdam, Tribe Social Fitness, Sunescape, Ascension Accord and Vision Personal Training.

I believe much of my success can be directly attributed to the personal development I've done and the coaching I have received over the years.

I’ve always invested in personal growth because I don’t think anyone can achieve their dreams in a vacuum, without the help of an experienced guide.


I'm passionate about helping people align and refine the way they show up in their lives and businesses because I believe life is too short to live without the freedom that personal and financial wellness can ensure. 


I'm a business coach and mentor for motivated people with big dreams. I work in short, intense 12-week sprints with entrepreneurs at various stages of their journey. I am passionate about helping business owners increase their income, leverage their time, improve their health and spend more time with family.


“Scott was instrumental the early years of building my businesses. I hired him because I saw what he'd achieved and it made sense to work with a coach who walked the talk and was successful in his own right. Scott is both scary and insightful! He genuinely wants your business to succeed. He packs so much information into every conversation. This delights me every time we meet! Understanding each facet of my business has helped me launch two successful studios over a period of ten years. This includes development of my teams, focus and growth of my managers, marketing, acquisition, and profitability.”

Wendy Laurence
Studio Owner

You are twelve weeks away from the next level of your business...