Many business coaches will ask you to sign up for at least six months. But why?


When you have an experienced coach with a proven track record, you can get unstuck and make major improvements to your life and business in twelve short weeks. Here's how we'll do it...

“I interviewed a number of coaches before hiring Scott. He has an aura that is both inspiring and infectious; and he operates on a whole different level than other coaches I've met. Speaking with him on a regular basis is inspiring and calming at the same time. Scott helped me align my business vision with my values. The process and accountability in coaching with Scott helped me develop a culture of continuous improvement which took our business to a whole new level. During our coaching we implemented an entirely new end-to-end CRM system, which has optimized our business dramatically. Scott also helped me to identify huge improvements in our sales and marketing funnels, enhancing both lead generation and conversion. On a personal level, Scott helped me identify what is really important and taught me how to keep those things in focus. My business has grown. I have too.”

Geoff Lewis
Bowerbird Property Styling


Lift Off 12-Week Coaching is for people who are motivated and trying hard with their businesses, but not getting the results they desire. I love giving these people the perspective, tools, and support to make a really good living doing what they love!

Life is too short to waste time on uninspiring work. It's important to follow your passions; but equally's imperative to bring your brains with you!

I know what a leap of faith it is to put your security on the line and create a business. Many of my clients make this bold choice with a family to provide for. The sooner you close the gaps in your vision, plan, and skill set, the sooner you'll enjoy the emotional and financial freedom that inspired you to start down this path in the first place.

Being a business owner is the most profound personal development journey you'll ever take. 

You'll bump up against all your insecurities, fears, and limits. Without an experienced mentor on speed dial, you might feel odd, alone, and overwhelmed.

My clients step up and invest in their future because they know without some positive pressure and strategized accountability, they'll slip back into their comfort zone. As a result, they'll achieve less than they know is possible for themselves.

Your success and happiness is important to me. I won't let you down and I won't let you quit on yourself.

You are twelve short weeks away from the next level of your business.
Are you ready to get to work?

Lift Off Is // Twelve weeks of intense and targeted learning experiences and business coaching for motivated entrepreneurs

Sessions Are // 45-minutes long and take place fortnightly via Skype

Clients Receive // Unlimited support in between sessions via email and phone.

Lift Off Is For // Entrepreneurs at various stages of their journey who desire to get serious about their goals. 

Lift Off Clients Are //  Musicians, teachers, corporate executives, artists, wellness experts, writers, coaches, leaders, realtors, photographers, chefs, physicians, studio owners, jewelry designers, service-based contractors, team leaders, and freelancers.

I am dedicated to helping you create a company that runs smoothly even when you step away to recharge. First, we’ll identify your personal values. Then we’ll create structure to precisely align your business efforts with your values...
to increase your emotional and financial wellness!

I work with a limited number of clients at one time, to provide the best coaching experience possible.